Achieved Milestones

News 1
AIL will be represented in the upcoming GIZ; German Egyptian partnership program between the German & Egyptian firms.
The program shall be held in Aakhen by next October.

News 2
The CEO of Agile international has been recently nominated as the vice president of the building and construction committee in EABA,
The Egyptian African Business Men Associate.

News 3
Engineer Mohamed Samy, our esteemed CEO, has been honored with the significant appointment of Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee within the prestigious FAEO (Federation of African Engineering Organizations). This remarkable recognition highlights his exceptional leadership and expertise in the field of engineering. As a seasoned professional, his role will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement and financial stewardship of the organization. This prestigious position underscores his commitment to the engineering community and the broader goals of FAEO

News 4
AIL has established a strategic partnership with Portguess Consultancy and Contracting Company, aiming to synergize their strengths for impactful ventures in the Middle East. This collaboration was solidified through meetings held in Porto and Cairo, Egypt, showcasing the commitment to this endeavor. The Porto meeting facilitated insightful discussions on capabilities and values, setting the groundwork for a harmonious collaboration. In Cairo, both entities focused on practical aspects, aligning project frameworks, shared responsibilities, and strategic objectives. This partnership reflects a shared dedication to excel in the Middle East's dynamic market, leveraging the unique strengths of AIL and Portguess. The meetings underscore their mutual ambition to deliver innovative solutions and make a positive, lasting impact.